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Coursicle Redesign

This is an ongoing project focused on adding new features to Coursicle to make it the go-to tool for a seamless and enriched college journey.



Coursicle is an app that helps students to plan and keep track of their weekly class schedule. My team and I were tasked with developing new features and revamping current ones to expand its use. We identified the apps potential to empower students with all the tools they need to plan, organize, and optimize their academic journey and time on campus.


The goal of the project is implement several new key features including real-time campus navigation and a dining locator to find on-campus snacks and meals. Plus, we want to enhanced the current profile feature to offer users a better way to keep track of their academic journey.

This project will follow a rapid contextual design process and end after the first high fidelity prototype is created.


UX/UI Designer



Yesenia Garcia

Collin Wolfhope

Ethan Howard

Background Research

Details coming Soon!

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